Charity Events

Knockout is a fun tastic way of raising much needed funds for your charity. Whether it's the town gala looking for a fun event for the community, which can fund itself. With any profit going to support the local community projects.

To national charities with whom we have worked with for over twenty years & the many Hospice's all over the UK for whom we present annual & Bi annual events whatever your cause over the years events have raised millions of pounds, raising the charities profile and the public's awareness of their cause.

We will support you every step of the way, providing constructive advice no question is too trivial. To venue finding & visits as well as team information flyers to help recruit teams & promote your event. The more teams the bigger your profits we have events that raise from two thousand pounds to forty plus thousand pounds.

Putting fun back into fundraising!

Charity Events

Interested in Joining in the Fun?

It may be that you do not wish to organize your own event, but would love to join in.

Please drop us a line to register your interest, thus reducing costs & time to the charities. We will endeavor to put you in touch with a charity that is looking for teams...You can enter as a work place or simply a group of friends wishing to have a fun day out, that makes a difference for a good cause. We'll need the following information...